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Thread: RR send key question

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    RR send key question

    Hi all,

    I'm still getting familiar with RR and am now trying to set up a custom RR command to send a hotkey to MM. As a test, I set up the ini files as follows and renamed the close button on the destinator skin to "COMMAND1"

    MM hotkey.ini = letters S,M for the switch map command. This works fine with keyboard strokes.

    RR KeyTBL.ini = 37,"COMMAND1"


    I also tried with the DESTINATOR_GPS suffix on the end, spaces between the - , comma between S and M etc and got either nothing or the voice prompt saying "command1"

    What is wrong with my syntax? BTW I am loving this program!!

    Thank you,


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    For Map Monkey, you should use the "MM_" commands. Read Skin Commands.txt for more details. Then read MM's SDK documentation for available commands.
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