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Thread: Really Cool New Feature

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    Really Cool New Feature

    I see one of the new Navman SatNav's has the ability to store a picture (phone Cam maybe ) along with the Sat Coordinates in Favorites. The idea being :-
    1) You can select a photo of a place to go to it magic
    2) You can share photo POI's with other users

    What's the chances Guino this could be included in RR ?

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    Wouldn't this be a feature of the GPS app, not RR?
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    well depending on the gps app, this could be a feature added to RR.
    All RR would need to be able to do it take a vid cap of the current location, and also grab current possition from gps(already can do this). Then associated the possition to the vid cap it grabed, so it can send the position to your GPS app as a route. I think there is even a standard on how to store the gps info in the pics cuz some digital cameras do this now.
    I think this could be added and intergrated with MapMonkey since it has the deepest intergration with RR currently. But you have to take all this with a grain of salt too cuz ive never actually used MapMonkey :0

    Its a pretty good idea. Im not sure how good the pics are gonna be from the video camera and if you would even recognize the location later when viewing them (prob the biggest issue). But still a good idea, kind of like photo caller id but for GPS.
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    Yeah its a great idea. I saw the feature a while back and thought it would be a great addition to my car PC

    Using phone cam would be the best if it could easily interface via bluetooth to grab the photo. The photo could then be framed in a way that you can recognise it more easily. With the quality of phone cams these days I dont think it would be that much of an issue
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