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Thread: any way for an external program to know which skin is in use?

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    any way for an external program to know which skin is in use?

    I've made a trillian skin for MC2.0 that "embeds" bother the list window and the message window on the same skin thanks to a lil auto-it scripting. The only problem i have now is if i switch to another skin then back to my trillian skin the message window stays behind rr. Is there a way i can tell auto-it to give focus to the message window if the current skin is If not, can any of you auto-it gurus think of a way for a script to run a command if its opened again. I guess in a way it would be similar to preventing two instances of the same .exe, but instead be somethin like this

    While processexists("trillstart.exe")
        If fileopen("trillstart.exe") Then
    I know "fileopen" wont work there... but is there a similar function that would work? Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    You can make a request for RRScreen via SDK REQUEST, and it will tell you which is the current screen in RR. The SDK example does just that. It is possible to use the same thing using the AutoIT examples.
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