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Thread: Starting without splashscreen.

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    Starting without splashscreen.

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to disable the splash screen when rr.exe ist starting ?

    I remember that there are some options commandline parameters, that rr.exe reakts on, but I don`t remember them. Can someone help me ?

    Something like perload or ...

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    Doesn't work on mine

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    It would help if you posted exactly how you're trying to run RR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    where and how did you put the /Q?
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    Make a shortcut to RR.exe and in the Target field put:
    "C:\Program Files\Road Runner\rr.exe" /Q

    Exactly as above (with exception of the path to RR if yours is different), with the /Q outside the quotes.

    This isn't how I do it, because I launch RR from another app which is set as shell, so the other app uses the /Q switch.
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    I can't remember what I did as it was a while ago

    I also have my own splash screens but it still seems to use RR's splash on certain skins yet all skin directories have my splash in them

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