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Thread: RR 7-8-06.. Pic Viewer & more

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    Arrow RR 7-8-06.. Pic Viewer & more

    In this version:

    -Added Basic Picture Viewer (JPG, GIF and BMP only)
    -Added screen transitions support with 10 different styles w/ commands
    -Added fade image effects option (cover art, album art, pictures etc)
    -Added support to use indicators with variables
    -Added support for screen preloading descriptions
    -Added command to set variables in flash directly
    -Added commands for faster browse and back from flash
    -Added "scroll-up" label formating option
    -Added support to German Self-Made Blaupunkt Radio (Thanks to Wal)
    -Added support for displaying SIRIUS current track time (internal counter)
    -Added prevention to close previous menu if one is already on display
    -Added command to show/hide flash objects dynamically
    -Added support to control multiple winamp instances (Thanks Jarrod)
    -Added support to execute commands by clicking labels
    -Added support for GPSServ as alternative to reading GPS
    -Added command for loading multiple variables at once
    -Added support to specify position of menu screens
    -Added direct binding commands for list execution via keyboard
    -Added option to reposition mouse when switching screens
    -Added support to execute commands on button down event
    -Improved Indicator support to allow keeping original aspect ratio of images
    -Improved VOL+/- commands when used to control winamp volumes
    -Improved Car2PC Adapter support
    -Improved music resume to Mute/Unmute winamp during resume
    -Improved ONSONGSTART to be fired also with radio/sat/video changes
    -Improved sendkey command to allow sending ; and space
    -Improved Video support to not reset when exiting menus
    -Fixed slider backstyle ranges (Thanks Robby_BMW)
    -Fixed issue with commands/labels with single $ sign
    -Fixed issue with List Sliders when there's only one item
    -Fixed issue with Lists freezing up if height is zero
    -Fixed MM's direction indicator
    -Fixed issue with ADDFAV and DELFAV in mappoint support
    -Fixed issue with CPU label and slider on the same screens
    -Fixed IDLE detection issue
    -Fixed issue launching external DVD players (PowerDVD/WinDVD)

    Changes by Robby_BMW:

    -Added confirmation when delete SMS or contacts stored in the internal phonebook. (You must have the in your skin folder).
    -Improved commands "CLOSE_PHOCO" and "RESUME_PHOCO".
    -Improved SMS to give support to new PhoCo 1.7 features.
    -Added new feature to check if there's and switch to it for the SMS command, otherwise it loads the sms list into the main phoco screen (Sonicxtacy request).
    -Added command "HSPDisconnect" to terminates the headset connection and allows phoco to reconnect to the phone to close the call and receive the next call for Motorola phones and other phones with one bluetooth connection allowed. (Changes made by Sonicxtacy)

    -Built RR with Mappoint's 2004 component so it works with 2004 & 2006.
    -Please Check TXT for changes.

    Please download it from -- The update tool will not update it yet (I haven't had a chance to upload the file to the right server).

    I'm off to Brazil tonight (for Work & Vacation), so I'm not sure I'll be able to work on anything till I get back (Late August). I assure you that I'll get back to it when I return.

    There's always more to come..
    Thanks for your support,
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    Wooo.. I'm first!!

    Cheers G

    I think you deserve a holiday! Don't dare start coding when you're away!

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    Can't wait to try it out.

    guino, have a good vacation!
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    enjoy your vacation, dude.

    (we're throwing wild party for RR while you're away. )
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    wow!!! Guino thanks what can I say.. happy vacation

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    Have a good holiday fella .... I'll make sure stays live for downloads etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02
    hell yes... RR releases are like christmas comin monthly! lol
    so true,

    have fun in Brazil
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    Have fun on your working vacation...

    Thanks for the B-day present!!

    As Always, Thanks again for all the hardwork and dedication to the Number one FE....
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