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    Question Web radio

    Is there a way to make web radio stations integraded in RR ?
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    Winamp radios (shoutcast) can be played if you simply make a playlist with the stations and load it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NEO
    Is there a way to make web radio stations integraded in RR ?
    This has been discussed before:
    Will cheap unlimited data calls kill satelite radio?

    Advanced Title Formatting (ATF) for Winamp ID3 Decoding

    Just discovered something cool about winamp

    Just discovered something cool about winamp

    Unfortunately, only the 01/15/06 version of RoadRunner supports updating playlists for internet radio. It has to do with the way winamp updates its playlist and a conflict Guino found in importing these winamp playlist updates in RR. In working with Guino on this earlier this year, we were able to get the 01/15/06 version to update the current playing playlist item using "reloadlist" and timer commands. This way my header line at the top of all my screens is always up to date at least. For the music skin to look halfway decent I intentionally saved the playlist where all the radiostation names are displayed on m3U playlist load. There are several other little tweaks, but I'm OK with it for now, just wish I knew how to program so I could add it back to the current release. I'm missing out on so many great new features.

    Maybe Guino has found a workaround, but as of this week's release, the current RR binary will only show the URL for the web radio station. If you would like to play with the 15 Jan 06 binany send me a PM with your email addy. Another workaround is to load the Toaster plug-in for Winamp and configure it to display the extended info on top of RR.

    The ultimate implimentation of web radio would be to have the entire playlist update akin to the way the XM/Sirius playlists update. I really wish one of the many coders out there could figure out a way for this to work within RR like XM.
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