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Thread: i am suddenly getting skipping in my music videos

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    i am suddenly getting skipping in my music videos

    all of the sudden, none of my music videos will play for more than a minute without starting to skip, and then skipping more to the point that its unbearable to watch... these are videos that used to play fine...

    meanwhile, my aqua teen hunger force episodes (encoded with the same codec, at a similar bitrate) play fine all the way through

    the only thing ive changed is that i added about 100 more music videos to the "Music Videos" folder the other day, right when it started happening

    anyone have any conjectures as to what the cause of the problem could be?

    i have this mobo:
    carputer - done.

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    which version of RR are you running?

    The latest full release has an issue with video playback, there is a replacement beta available in the the latest version thread that should fix it.

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