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Thread: xvid full screen playback issue

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    Question xvid full screen playback issue

    Been happening since I've started using RR it seems. I have a few music videos and tv shows that are encoded in xvid. I'm using media player classic and whenever the videos go into full screen mode after the auto hide time, the video splits perfectly in half vertically and the two halfs swap sides.

    so [A|B] --> [B|A] where [A|B] is normal full screened video

    Weird part is that when I open the video outside of RR and go full screen, it plays just fine.

    I've tried the built-in player, but that just seems to not play a huge majority of my videos so that doesn't seem to be an option. ffdshow is installed as the main decoder. Should I possibly try other players that integrate well with RR? Any suggestions?

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    I've seen that happen with SOME VERSIONS of ffdshow and only in SOME CARDS... I would try the built in player OR different versions of the codec (or other codecs).
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