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Thread: Embedding tomtom in wm2005 emulator

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    Embedding tomtom in wm2005 emulator

    Hey there

    i am going crazy trying to get the ms emulator running embedded, i have tried the launch method and the LOAD method directly from a button. I am sure its something simple, i just cant figure it out. Shouldnt this command load the application, even if the window class/title is wrong and then just not embed it ?

    B05,494,181,296,116,"LOAD;TOMTOM.SKIN;LCDDisplay;" C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Device Emulator 2.0 Preview\DeviceEmulator.exe /s C:\pocketpc.dess /video 800x600x16 /nosecurityprompt;LCDDisplay"

    changing LCDDisplay to wm2005 doesnt help either, the application never starts.
    The cmd line is taken straight from a shortcut on my desktop which works fine.
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    1-Your button definition is missing the last parameter
    2-You have a total of 3 quotes in the definition (you should always have an even number)
    3-You >seem< to have a space in front of the path name of the command to execute.
    4-You are correct, as long as the pathname is valid, it should execute the application even if the window title is wrong.

    This is what I would try as the load command:

    "LOAD;TOMTOM.SKIN;LCDDisplay;C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Device Emulator 2.0 Preview\DeviceEmulator.exe|/s C:\pocketpc.dess /video 800x600x16 /nosecurityprompt;LCDDisplay"
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    That works, thanks buddy. Only problem is when i go back to the music player and then press the button for the tomtom, only the skin shows, the application stays behind RR, can i do some sort of setfocus in a load command ?
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