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Thread: Volume issues

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    Volume issues

    Hey all, I seem to be having 2 weird problems with volume in RR.

    First, if I click on any of the volume up or volume down buttons (skin doesnt matter) The volume always goes down to almost 0. The display will say its at like 95% but you cant hear it. The only way to get it back is to use the volume up button numerous times to get it back to a hear-able volume. Then all of my settings for the line-in, AUX, etc. go back to 100 (see below) Any ideas?

    Second, I have a huge difference in quality and loudness between my mp3's and XM. If I configure the EQ for my mp3's then go to XM is really quiet and sounds crappy. and its the same vice versa. I have to turn down the line in on the EQ for my XM because I get a crackling in the speakers if I leave it all the way up (any ideas on this one?) Anyone got any ideas?

    As of 4/15/06: Computer is in and running great! Still got a few bugs to work out tho
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    Look in the RR config and change the type of volume that it changes. There's quite a few options. Try either master or wave.

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    I've just begun to have the same issues. I'm using the new beta that fixed the video issue. None of the hardware has changed (it's been working for months without a problem which is why I decided to mess with it )

    I've tried changing which line is mapped, turning on then off the winamp eq all to no avail. I can't even hear XM at all?!?!

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    There were no changes done to the volume control support in the latest release. If anything, verify that your RR.INI does not have a soundcard= line in it, and if you want to be sure, load the previous version again. Most likely some mixer/system settings were changed that's causing the issue (if it ever worked right in first place).
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