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Thread: Different Radio idea/help

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    Different Radio idea/help

    I'm starting to organise myself a carpc and I want to do without a HU.
    I've done plenty of searching about the FM radio solutons, but I only listen to one station for the drive-time shows.

    So my idea is to get/make an FM tuner with reception comparable to a HU and tune it manually to the station I want, so when I select radio I want RR to pause the mp3 playing abd un-mute the line in from the fm tuner.

    Is there anyway I could get this to work? I know the PAUSE command, but dont know about any line control commands.

    I dont mind hacking a little fm radio, but I need to know it will handle travelling, any suggestions or are most battery powered fm radios ok on the move?


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    I've done some more seaching, and looking through the the skin commands.

    I see where I can cycle the mute state of any line in windows, but I cant see a way to unmute or mute irrespective of the current state.
    eg. say it is already active and I send the command to unmute, then it would stay as it is.


    Also is it likely I will be able to have the line-in muted for GPS directions and Phoco?

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    interesting idea... i always wanted to unmute when i press volume up! but not to unmute with volume down

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    Right now I'm looking at using radiator but obviously only with the line in source, not a real tuner.
    But I cant find my male-male 3.5mm audio plug to test it right now.

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    well after mucking around a bit last night I managed to get it working with radiator, even though it does nothing other than open and mute line-in.

    Now I'm trying to find a solution to waking the computer at a certain time while i'm not in the car to record a radio show.

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