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Thread: Changing video player or settings?

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    Question Changing video player or settings?


    Long time since I'm looking at the forum but it's my first post here!
    I'm building a carPC using a VIA ML8000A, XPe and using RR as front end.
    While doing some tests I've seen that playing XviD or DivX with the built-in video player or Media Player Classic the videos CPU usage is around 80% but using VLC for the same movies CPU usage is only around 20%.

    I'd like if there are settings that needs to be modified in RR or MPC to lower the CPU usage or if there is a way to use VLC instead of the built-in video player?



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    Currently, those are the two only options Built-In or MPC. I do intend to add other options in the near future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guino
    Currently, those are the two only options Built-In or MPC. I do intend to add other options in the near future.
    Thanks a lot Guino!
    I'm actualy trying to find why VLC has a so low CPU usage compared to MPC, I've still not found but for those that have CPU usage problems reading DVD with MPC and don't want to use another player that support hardware acceleration, I've found that DScaler5 as a quite lower CPU usage.
    To use it in MPC after installation in MPC you have to go to View -> Options -> Internal filters and uncheck "MPEG-2 Video".

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    I finaly found a way to lower CPU usage for Divx/Xvid by 25-30% using Ffdshow instead of DivX or Xvid codecs and setting VMR7 windowed in MPC video output options.
    Still more CPU usage than VLC but really better now

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    If you're using a Via board, then its gfx chip has hardware decoding built in

    Videolan uses this, but MPC doesnt. MPC does pure SW decoding

    I'd love for VLC to be an option in RR - with just 256MB ram I can watch xvids on a Via Epia Nehemiah M10000 on VLC at fullscreen 1024x768. MPC jumps even at lower sizes

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