I am storing many of my DVD/ISO's on my CarPC now, and actually use the DVD drive very little. I take every DVD and usually rip to ISO with a little compression or menu elimination via DVD Shrink.

I am trying to come up with 2 things:

1 - Would be a simple DVD Library Screen. Essentially just a Video List that looks in say a \DVD\MOVIE\movie.iso -- \DVD\MOVIE\movie.jpg.. folder and will list the Thumbs. I don't think we can do MetaData yet - not a biggie a thumb is just fine.

2 - Would be on a SELECT it would send the movie name as a VAR into the mount command for Daemone Tools - and mount.

3 - Would then movie to a DVD PLAYER skin - and begin playback.

I am actually getting much more comfortable with skinning evey day, but admit that when I search the forums I see some awesome syntax and ways to do stuff I would have honestly never thought - then store those for the next time.

I can see a very nice need for this, and if implemented or any ideas on how to best approach it would be very kindly appreciated. Almost seems like this is almost approaching an area of RR-CONFIG where the path for ISO's and a supplemental skin group could be used.

Thanks folks for any assist...