Hello everyone
I am new hear but I have been watching for some tome an I like to share my experience
Sorry for any bad English and sorry if this has been posted before
I think I found out a way to play any kind if video in MPC under Road Runner
It started when I tried to play an *.mpeg file, it came out with now sound with the “use built in player” and if I decibel it the file will play ok but other *.mpg files will not
The windows media player 10 will play all
Hear is the trick
1 Install windows media player 10
2 Disable “use built in player” in RR config
3 Fin out what codec the wmp10 are using to play the file by playing the file and looking in (file>properties) it will show you the video and audio codec used for the playback
4 open the MPC in the Road Runner folder right click and go to (view>options) in filters overrides add the video and audio filters used to play the file in wmp10 and set it to prefer for each filter
Close everything and restart MPC it should play the file
I hope someone will find this helpful