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Thread: Help integrating the nRoute

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    Help integrating the nRoute

    Hello everyone
    This is my first post in these forums and my English is not that good
    I usually do the search and find all the answers for my questions but I think I will need a little bit more help
    First let me thank all the people that helped me make my car pc, guino for all the effort in Road Runner , J187 for a gr8 Skin Tutorial, Robby BMW for the OEM skin I have an E36 and the new PhoCo integration and all the people how share there experience and knowledge
    I am running
    P4 2.8 GHz mini pc with Road Runner latest update and the BMW_e36 skin
    I managed to get the music, video, DVD and rip to work fine thanks to you
    The next step was the GPS
    For the receiver have a garmin GPS 18 with a serial interface and nRoute as software because it is the only map I could find for my country
    I need help integrating the nRoute software in to the BMW_e36 skin under Road Runner
    I am not a programmer so please make it simple for me to understand

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