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Thread: RoadRunner uses, futures and configuration

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    RoadRunner uses, futures and configuration

    Goodmorning all guys
    I'm marco from italy so... sorry for my enghlis if you find some imperfections

    here is the poblem:

    I'm becomin a little confused with all this buttons, functions and plugins and all the methods to make the computer start fast :P

    It is about 2 days that i'm saying my self that is time to ask some help

    I'm not absolutely a noob in computing but my time to spend on my carpc project is always becomin shorter and shorter....

    I bought some weeks ago a lilliput 7" touchscreen for my audi a3 carpc project and from then on i'm trying making roadrunner (wonderful program )
    working smoothly and fast at the max... all seems to go fine on it's way

    otherwise due to my little time to spend for it i am unable to make roadrunner using all its possibilities (for example there are some buttons in the navigation menu that does nothing if pressed and so on ... )

    So i tought a solution that can clarify the things in my and anyone other's head:

    I am definitely searching for someone , that knows what he does ( ) and knows roadrunner good, who can advise and help me on how to configure roadrunner and to choose appropriate programs to run embedded with it


    GPS EMBEDDED FUNCTION (i tried mapmonkey but i would like advices, impressions your opinions on other programs)
    MP3 AND MEDIA PLAYER (this part is ok even with winamp vis but i wanted to be able to transfer files from/to my creative zen)
    PHONE SUPPORT (i tried phone-control and seems to works but i would like explained help for configurin it :-) )
    DVD PLAYER (witch is better ? )
    A WAY TO MAKE WINDOWS COMPLETELY HIDDEN (or skinned )when booting and resuming from hybernate or s3 state (don't want to see the blue windows xp word when accessing and the user icon to press when resuming hybernate)
    And finally... Advices on makin windows boot time the shortest possible

    Here are my configuration settings that till now seems to work very well even with winamp vis

    Pentium 3 800mhz On very good QDI motherboard
    PSU 240W with power inverter 250W (will soon change into a dc dc one)
    256MB+128MB of pc133 ram
    40gb maxtor diamond max plus 8 slim
    ati radeon 9200 videocard
    Sound blaster audigy3 lite 24bit
    Lilliput touch screen 7" 619gl-70np

    Windows xp media center edition 2005 (windows xp sp2 )
    Creative wdmdrv last version
    Ati catalyst 6.5 (maybe i put some older catalyst like 4.2 for speedin up)
    Via hyperion drivers last version

    VERY VERY VERY VERY BIG THANKS to all the people who will work to construct this sort of GUIDE not only for me but for all people starting a carpc project

    Opinions, advices are welcome!

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    DOn't know why this was posted three times, but the duplicates are removed.
    Please pay attention to what you're doing next time.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Sorry if i did something wrong ... but i think was my iexplorer hangin up ^^

    Any ideas, advise etc... will be appreciated

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    Welcome to the forums. First off, make sure that when you submit a new thread that you wait to be redirected to the thread instead of pressing the "click here if you can't wait" link. If your IE hangs, open another instance and check if the thread posted.

    Alright now, I'm not sure why the navigation menu is unresponsive, could you tell us which skin you are using?

    GPS EMBEDDED FUNCTION - It really depends where you are located. If you are in the UK I would suggest FreeDrive and if you are in the states I would suggest iGudance 3 as the destinator engine will send you on a wild goose chase anywhere in the US.
    MP3 AND MEDIA PLAYER - RR uses winamp exclusively, If you want to use your Zen you will probably have to come up with a way to copy those songs to your HD. There are many utilities out there for USB sticks and copy tools but I'm not sure if they can work with the Zen.
    PHONE SUPPORT - varies from skin to skin. I suggest starting with basic support (without all the sms stuff) and work your way up. Which phone do you have BTW?
    DVD PLAYER - I just use the built in media player. IMO all those powerDVD and WinDVD players are getting too heavy for integration with RR plus it's a pain to have to keep the window names updated and stuff like that.
    A WAY TO MAKE WINDOWS COMPLETELY HIDDEN - there is a whole section on windows optimization in the software forums here. I'm not sure how to ditch the boot screen on MCE but I'm sure if you Google it you will find it. As for boot times, same goes, just Google around... off the top of my head you can delete all unused fonts from the system font folder, make sure your hard drive is the first on your bios boot order, disable any unwanted services (print spooler, themes, ect...)

    Hope this helped,

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    Ty for the reply Dinasty

    I'm really sorry for the post problems but the hud came up in deutch that i really don't understand , so i messed up

    As for the skin i am using Irunner (great skin!)...... it is your creation, right??
    The unresponsive buttons are in the "control" tab when i am in the navigation mode (mapmonkey)... when i click them (thedown arrow, gear, home, the star,phonebook, fork knife spoon, eye button, moon button) absolutely nothing happens and i use mapmonkey functions on some buttons witch appears on the bottom... if i click the "square" witch i assume is for fullscreen vision i see a purple screen until i click "back"

    i think i'm missing something...
    is it possible to use mapmonkey using that buttons and hide the bottom ones?

    For the zen i think i have to make a button on the skin that opens the "multimedia devices" folder (the zen touch with the last firmware is detected as playsforsure device by media player 10)
    But here is the problem... how can i make a button in your skin? you used flash, right?

    My phone is a sonyericsson p900 .. tried with phonecontrol but worked on one pc only

    (as for the skin i have another little question: when i install flashdeck skin with all the requirements it shows only the background and when i go back in irunner it shows only the background too!! maybe i can open another post for this)

    thanks for help!


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