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Thread: I want a skin just for

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    I want a skin just for

    I'm very happy with MediaEngine and FrodoPlayer with FrodoSatRadio and have been toying with RR lately to see what all the hype is. I have been looking through all the skins available and yet to find one that suits me. I am interested in just Music, XM, GPS and Movies. I don't care about Internet and Phone Control and FM Radio. Both FP and ME are set up perfectly for me with these options but I just can't find any options to have just these features with RR. Most skins are either limited or way too cluttered with buttons I will never use. Anyone with similar needs find a skin they like?

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    look for LSX its amazing

    or CFX

    and if u got a bmw simplistic or idrive

    i like all of those

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    check out the original MediaCar Skin. Just point the Radio button to an XM skin and your all set.
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    Hey man, look me up in a week or two. I am like you. I found a couple of skinds that I am sort of happy with, but not entirely. As a result I am making my own skin. A couple of ideas for design were: (1) minimalistic, consistency (I hate to see same buttons in diffent locations from one screen to another like "esc"). Almost done.
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