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    Garmin nRoute


    I am very new and currently setting up a CarPuter for Toyota Harrier. Config

    VIA EPIA MII 12000
    512MB / 40GB notebook HDD
    Lilliput 7" In Dash
    OS WinXP SP1
    Front End: Road Runner

    System is still on my desk and testing out the software before it goes to a car accessories shop for installation. I am not that great with wires . Should be putting up the unit this weekend.

    Everything seems is going except for the Radio/TV Card but this can be sorted once I get the right equipment. I cannot get what was recommended here in Malaysia.

    Anyway my greatest challange is trying to embeded nRoute with Road Runner, nimmo was kind enough to give a few pointers on Skinbedded but I find that I am not that knowledgeable to get it working. Actually I am ok with an external GPS which runs full screen. All I need is to have a button that I can click on that will brings out a virtual keyboard when I need to keyin searchable keywords.

    Any ideas.

    Still clueless

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    If you get the application embedded properly into a skin (there's a FAQ on that), you can use the APPOSK command to type stuff into it. That doesn't work for everything though. If you don't find that is suficient, there's a free application called virtualkeyboard (in the VOICES subforum) that you can run before running RR and will display an OSK that should allow you to type into anything you want.
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    You're from Malaysia too?

    I use a freeware app called CMS virtual keyboard to enter searches into nRoute

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