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Thread: 32 bit color or 16 bit color

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    32 bit color or 16 bit color


    We watch a lot of Real media video files, I find that under RR frontend using classic media player watch RMVB files there are pause here and there. If I were to set it up on 16bit color the pauses seems very much less.

    My setup is a EPIA MII 12000, 512MB RAM and a 2.5" notebook hard disk on a 7" touch screen. Is there any difference between 16bit color and 32bit color.

    Well I will be installing my CARPUTER tomorrow


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    Depends on the video card, not sure about the S3 one though.

    Some video cards actually have to work harder to reduce colors to 16 bit (read that on a video card site) since most newer cards are naitive @ 32bit.

    I run my EPIA m9000 @ 16 bit as well becauseits not a high end video card.
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