GUINO, ? - on this comment....

It clearly is an issue when I try to do this via a MENU; load of the popup as it works from a standard LOAD; screen of the skin ... I have duplicated this every which way - seems odd since the SELECT to play works... Could be the behind the scenes syntax of DELETEFILE - I am thinking perhaps the path is missing?

Same identical skin - one loaded MENU; "popup" the other loaded as LOAD; "standard"

So my question before fix or add of this is was there not a way with LOAD; to make the skin appear as a "popup" --- I tried to adjust the artwork as pink but that was a no-go....

This is not a major one - but I have tested and know for sure "at least for me" this is the results.... I wanted to display as a PLAYLIST POPUP and have a delete if I just did not want a playlist in the popup anymore (just to summarize the intent again)

Thanks Guino - let me know if you have a moment!!!

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Try using the load command instead of menu -- use /POSX=XXX and /POSY=XXX to position the screnn if necessary.. or the scaling options .. it's likely that it isnt working because you're using the menu command for your playlist popup..