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Thread: let's try to be effective...

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    I didn't want to come out agro and "I don't feel like figuring it out myself why don't you guys do it for me...chop, chop!!!"

    I was just saying a little more clarity in SOME of the posts out there would be a huge improvement when someone is looking for or wondering something and is trying to figure it out by himself without a whole lotta knowledge on the subject (and my guess is this applies to a lot of people in these forums.)

    Concerning PhoCo: I figured it out by myself ( thanks to finally getting my hands on the latest widcomm driver (5.0 or something)) and since I'm trying to hook it up to a was a real pain. Now it's "sort of perfectly" working when I use PhoCo as a stand alone. The new problem is RR doesn't seem to be controlling it (the path to the .exe file is correct, but nothing happens). If I launch PhoCo first, minimize it, and then lauch RR it's working if I'm making a call but if someone's calling, the Phoco window comes up (wich kinda downrushes the all front end thing!) and doesn't wanna pick up the call.
    I guess that'll keep me busy the next couple of weekends!!!

    For the "get a commercial front end" thing: I FREAKIN' WISH!!!!!!
    Quickly, here's what I want with my carputer outside of the usual CD/DVD/MP3/Internet features: Phone control, Sirius radio, GPS/Nav.

    And here's the problem:
    Street Deck and Centrafuse don't have Sirius
    Digital Dash (wich I think is one of the best one out there) doesn't
    deal with any kind of phone control.

    I'm telling you I tried every single one of the front end (commercial or not) I saw mentioned on the internet. The only one I found that gave me hope that one day I'll have Sirus and phone control as part of my Car PC is RR

    So, since I'm nowhere close being any kind of programmer, that's why I'm trying to tell people to be clear and precise when talking about what they have as a set up (soft/hardware) or what they figured out so other people like me who don't know squat about coding can make it to...

    And now...
    back to " why the &#@% isn't RR workin' wit PhoCO!!!!!!!!!! "

    Cheers all!

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    On a motorola flip, I've had to leave the unit flipped open. If you set the phone up to answer when opened, then phoco will work. Also look at lengthy phoco thread from robby/sonic, in there you will see some downfalls to using motorola (single bluetooth connection). The audio bridge is a timing issue about 2 seconds to transfer to and then 6 seconds after the hangup to reload the communications port again after you initiate the "HSPDISCONNECT" in your phoco skin, also add the "RESUME_PHOCO" command for ease of when the phone/phoco doesn't sync or loses the connection between phone to headset and back again.

    You will find that phoco is a time consuming project and it's not black and white. Thanks to robbie we now have even a better shot at it when embedded with RR. The phone option for RR is still up in the air, there's RRmobile which a lot of us are trying and watching.

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    Followup on the phones.

    I have a HP/IPAQ 6515 and phoco is a slug when trying to use it. The transfer in bluetooth is horrible, the phoco setup never was correct and I finally gave up. The unit is too big for a phone and too small for a pc, other than that it has some nice features.

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