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Thread: Small Keyboard

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    Small Keyboard

    I know this might not be the best place to post but for us RR carPC users looking for optional/needed keyboard input. This comes either USB or PS2, I opted for the USB and grabbed a USB to PS2 keyboard connector. It seems to be durable, time will tell in a vehicle. Got it off of Fleabay.

    Keyboard dimension (L x W x H):
    222 x 103 x 16 mm
    8.74 x 4.06 x 0.63 in
    77 Keys
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    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    PSK-3100U is the model number for USB. That's all the info It has.

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    I am using the ps2 version right now and it is a perfect size.
    I had the usb version but it was causing issues with my
    motherboard and I had to replace it.
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    It's a great keyboard for the size and price. I got a PS/2 one last year. Just wish it was lit.

    They have another one that I think is slightly smaller (the housing, the kb itself is the same), I got mine before they made the new one and just hacksawed off the sides (I was going to mount it in the double din).

    The brand is "Traveler"

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    apposk in web

    Im having the same issue in mappoint,

    the question is:
    How does the osk/apposk stays focused in web browser?
    Can it be implemented in other applications?

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    i like to go with a wireless keyboard. more flexible to pass around.

    off topic: i notice when in RR, the volume keys now don't work. i had to figure out which hot keys on the keyboard did what.
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    If you are going to go with a wired keyboard, check this one out!

    For $19 and it is illuminated (can be switched on or off). Also when your cell phone rings the number key pads lights up so if the music is blaring, you can see when someone is calling you And with a little over a 6' cord is another nice bonus. (There is also a WHITE version for $22.)

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    186 has some cheap keyboards at very reaonable shipping rates, I bought this one for 8.99 plus 1.99 for priority mail
    they also have 5% off code "acor005" no quotes exp 11/24/06

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