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Thread: Road Runner offset

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    Road Runner offset

    RoadRunner is offset about an inch from the left side of the available screen. The skin I am using is LSX Void v1.6 with the patch and in my general.ini both original and show size is 800x480. My video card is an onboard Intel 810 chipset (crap I know) but it does display 800x480 with a registry setting.

    If I set my resolution to 800x600 and the general.ini size to 800x600 it works, but that isn't the native res of my Lilliput screen.

    And if I change the X offset it still cuts off the right side of the RoadRunner display partially...

    Here is a screenshot

    Yes, I know how to turn off the taskbar, but I can't click the Exit button in RoadRunner cause it's hidden...

    * EDIT *
    I just realized that it's 640x480 not 800x480 as I thought. I should be beaten with a sock full of quarters.

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    nah, no quarters needed... you answered your own question due to being very persistant. some would have given up and waited for an answer to be handed to them on a platter. good to here you got it working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lostreception View Post

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