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Thread: RoadNav FREE Open Source GPS Mapping!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    I just ran across this in a post by esachs and felt this deserved it's own thread for sure, and not to be buried somewhere in the forums.

    RoadNav is a 100% Free GPS open source program! I just downloaded it to check it out, and found it to be quite stable, and rivaling many of the commercial programs available! It has some features that make it QUITE at home for the CarPC market, and embeddng into a front end, such as:
    Resizable, Skinnable, every aspect of the maps (road size, color, Font sizes ect ect can be changed). It has auto switching between day and night skins. Uses TTS to annouce upcoming turns & directions.

    The program has an "auto downloader" built in to download the maps. Roadnav uses the free TIGER/Line files from the US Census Bureau to build the maps, along with the GNIS state and topical gazetteer data from the USGS to identify locations. The real advantage to this is these maps are always being updated, and you can just download new maps for free as they become available.

    I can't speak for other area's, but the maps for my area are VERY up to date and accurate!

    As mentioned, this is an open source project, and they are looking for people to help, and take care of some of the items on their "to-do list".

    You can find more out about the program AT THEIR WEBSITE

    Here is a quick screen capture I did just a couple minutes after downloading the program:
    Can you change those left buttons so they look better? Maybe just a simple image change or resource hack?
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    The buttons are easy to change. Just image files in the program directory named 'images' like any good open source project.
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