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Thread: Loaded MC2.0 skin, doesnt work

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    Loaded MC2.0 skin, doesnt work

    So I went to load MC2.0 skin and for some reason ran into a problem. When I select that skin it simply shows nothing. Anyone familiar with this problem? I'm a bit of a pc noob, but I installed this skin the same way as I installed three others and this is my first problem.

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    Hi at a guess its locking up because your running flash9.ocx on your system, when the mc swf file was compiled with swichmax version 9 wasnt about.. but since its release its causing all kinds of problems..

    simply grab the file below and that will convert the swf so it will run on flash 9..

    O.. and welcome to the forums :-)


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    Wow, thanks for you fast and extremely helpful response! I tried what you suggested and converted all the files in my roadrunner folder, however it didn't seem to correct my problem. When I attempt to switch skins, all of my other skins show up, however there is no visual representation for the MC2.0 skin. Any other ideas?

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    make sure you don't have something like this:


    It should just be like: Skins\MC2\ -- otherwise it won't show in the preview and it won't load either.
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    Thank you so much. I had gotten the feeling that this site would not be so nice to noobies, but my limited experience seems to be quite the opposite! That solved the problem. I still seem to have some flash issues, but that can be rectified once I install this on my actual carpc and not my normal laptop. Thanks to both of you guys for taking time out to help a noob! Thanks as well for a great product!

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