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Thread: xm issue with proximo's cf skin

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    xm issue with proximo's cf skin

    Hi all, I'm having a strange problem with XM using Proximo's skin @ 800x600 and the previous version (August release?!?!) of RR. I'm not sure if its a skin or an RR problem but I've search with no luck. My problem is when XM loads it only loads channels 0-12 or the number of channels that fit on one screen at a time. If I press/click up/down to scroll up/down, nothing happens. When I press the "refresh" button (looks like two arrows forming a circle), it only refreshes up to channel 12 again. I've tried clearing the xmcache.ini file with no luck. Anyone have this problem and/or have any suggestions? Guino?

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    this has been reported with many XM receivers, you should download the XMCache file from the binary package again and make it Read-Only so it's not messed with.
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