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Thread: should there be an official RR skin

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    should there be an official RR skin

    well the topic says it all...
    i believe we should have a standard skin for RR.. that will be updated with the new features of every new release, at the time of the release, so users who can not skin can use and test the new features instantly.. and we can all have a base that we can refer to..

    I believe we should have a poll to choose a skin and then as soon as a new release comes out.. the skin would be updated..

    the reason CF is more attractive to newbies, is that it looks more like a ready package.. (looks more like a RR light to me)

    just an opinion..

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    i like the idea of voting for the default skin but then you have the matter of the skin developer being ok with updating there skin at a high rate. Personally i try to keep up with guino and any new useful plugins, but its pretty hard.
    I can understand the pain for users not knowing how to edit skins or not wanting to, some features they will never see simply because of this.

    A lot of skins are unfinished, much less up to date on features and some never get finished. I was thinking about this problem a few days ago and while the RRSKineditor is a god send, none of my skins would exist without it, i think there needs to be a lot of work done in this area to make it easy as possible to edit skins and create them without having to research a lot of stuff.

    some movement is happening in the area of RR setup and install with W3bMa5t3r creating an up to date RR installer and also working on a skin installer that bundles a few popular skins.
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    while my skin i'm creating is nowhere near ready for this i'll say i have no problem keeping the elected RR skin updated Up to you guys tho to figure out which one will be the official Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    I think BMV2 should stay the official skin of RoadRunner and be updated with new updates.

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    I always thought there should be a default skin as well. I think either Chuck's or LS skin should be used as default. As far as I know both of them update their skin with new features. I believe, (not totally sure) chuck's skin has most the features in it.
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    see .... i believe we are ready for a poll..
    (Although i don't use it..i would vote for BMV2 too)

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    On the other hand Chuck and LS skins are for Advance users. Their skin has too many advance features that newbie like me has no clue what they are.
    I'll vote for BMV2 as default skin (basic skin).
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    I think "BMW E36" should be a default skin. I'm personally not using this skin, but always using as the reference when creating my own. As far as I know this skin is most up to date for all RR skin commands.

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    I'll vote for BMV2 as default skin. The Good thing is the PSD's are available.
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