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Thread: Embed application in RR?

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    Embed application in RR?

    The skin i use, iDrive, has a button in the top right called "car data". It just so happens that I have a data aquisition program on my car that interfaces with my aftermarket ECU - I'd like to click on "car data" and have it open the EXE and embed it in RR.

    Here is a SS of the application I run:

    And the skin with car data button

    So where do I tell it how to open/etc?

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    Take a look at the FAQs... How to embbed any Application in RR ?

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    Yep....... Search....

    Quote Originally Posted by Urinemachine View Post
    I'd like to click on "car data" and have it open the EXE and embed it in RR. So where do I tell it how to open/etc?
    Wow, I never thought I would be "one of those people" that just answered with a smart alec "Read the FAQ!". But, I must admit, I was supprised with the number of posts you have done in the forums. With a question like that, I expected to see a total post count of under 10 for sure

    This is actually one of the most basic, and simple tasks to accomplish in Road Runner. With just a small bit of searching, you most certainly should have come across something like this to answer you question.
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    You should realize that I've not been in the carpc arena for some time - I build ecus and between firmware and software with that and building my custom turbocharged 5 series bmw, I have been out of the loop for some time.

    I searched around but the forum isn't the most organized and I wasn't able to find it. Sorry.

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