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Thread: Embedded Winamp visu plugin ?

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    Question Embedded Winamp visu plugin ?

    I now feel that the visu plugin AVS of winamp looks quite i wanna to embed the AVS window in RR skin, for example, in the audio_player screen. I can add an application area somewhere in that skin, but where will I put the AVS window's name in ? Who can help me? Thanks!

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    1-There's plenty of info on this if you search.

    2-In RRConfig, select "AVS Window" under Visualization plugin
    3-In Winamp (while RR is NOT running), select the AVS plugin as your default plugin.
    4-In the skin, have a "A" definition for the area to embed the vis and use the "VISU" command to start/stop it -- the BMV2 skin is a good example of how to do this.
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