Hello everyone !

I am using RR and I-BUS interface to control my steeringwheel buttons.
Now I would like to switch from EXPLORER.EXE shell to RoadRunner.exe as a shell. I know how to do it and there is no problem with this switching BUT in case I am using RR as a shell I have to set RoadRunner.exe as a shell program and it will be loaded at the beginning. My problem is: I need to load I-BUS software BEFORE loading RoadRunner, otherwise it does not work How to do it ?
Can I point in registry to load some .bat file as a shell and write in this file first to load I-BUS.EXE and after that RoadRunner.exe ?
I tried to setup IBUS.EXE as a system service but it does not work with RR also for me
Also I can not understand why IBUS software should be loaded before RoadRunner.
I am sorry if this question is in the wrong place....
Thank you

P.S. Guino please if you have time check why when I am in VIDEO skin and during watching some movie I am pressing any button (VOL+ VOL- FF RR) on my steering wheel video screen comes from Full screen mode to frame mode (embded in video_player.skin) and after does not come back to FULL Scren mode (but I can see in upper left conner each 4 seconds (videoautohide=4) Full in green color. Thank you very much