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Thread: alphabetical order playlist

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    alphabetical order playlist

    Ok, not sure how to ask this correctly (not sure if this is even a noob question or is my setup is bad somewhere)

    How do I setup my video list to be in alphabestical order?
    If I can get it to display like in the windows folder, that would be great.
    currently it looks like some random order....??

    clicking on the "basket downarrow" icon does nothing, what's it supposed to do anyways???

    BTW: I created a playlist in winamp after sorting the files by filename and saved it into my mp3 folder,
    is that correct? (it's working at the moment tough)
    I tried doing the same for the videos and saving that playlist into the video folder, but it has no effect
    (not sure if it's even suppoed to be saved in the media folder or the RR folder, if it's the RR folder do they have to be name "folder-name".m3u or music.m3u so winamp knows which one to load?)

    any thoughts

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    It should sort alphabetically.. do you not have artist titles in front of those listed above ? if so, that should be the priority when sorting.. it would help if you posted a screenshot of the order listed in windows and the order listed in RR.
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    thasks for the reply

    here's a screenshot of the list of videos when RR is opened
    and should be at the very top

    here's a screenshot of the windows directory
    sorted by name

    any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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