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    Utilities/Application Launcher

    Is it possible to make the laucher run a non-executable file such as a .reg file? I created 2 directories in the launcher folder and they showed up in roadrunner. I also created .ini files for these in these folders to direct roadrunner to the appropriate files (enablerr.reg and enableexplorer.reg), but nothing happens when I click to run them. Thanks!

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    You can launch the associated file by doing things like 'regedit enablerr.reg' etc.. or better yet, I'd recommend making a little menu to do that using the run command.
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    OK, I'll try the run command. The "regedit rrenable.reg" didn't really work. Didn't do anything. I may just Control Alt Delete and run the script manually from taskman if the run doesn't work. I'm no programmer, so I'll have to see if making the menu is out of my league or not. I do have photoshop 7.0, so I may be able to do something. I don't need anything fancy. Its just so that I can reenable my explorer shell if needed. Thanks again!

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