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Thread: GPSHDG problems (Guino)

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    GPSHDG problems (Guino)

    I'm running the beta version but I tried the 10/08/06 with the same results.

    Problem the GPSHDG is not updating.

    The GPSALT and GPSSAT are working. Don't know about the GPSSPD as I pulled my CarPC out of the truck last night when I saw the problem and have been bench testing it since.

    My gps software is seeing the heading change, the port monitor of my virtual port splitter is seeing the change. I ran a program called compass and it's seeing the change. I tried three different skins and one of them I've been using for months. I don't drive very often, so I can't say when this happened for sure. Changed the ports in RR.ini to make sure and it didn't help.

    In google earth/RR it seeing the GPS location on the bench.

    Just need some help or tell where to look.


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    There were requests of the GPS updating the heading too frequently, so there's a thresshold now to only update the heading with speeds above 3Mi/h. Apparently this is an issue with some GPS models (reporting multiple headings while stopped).
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    I searched last night for this and didn't see anything. I guess I forgot the Readme.txt update from the past.

    Thanks for the quick response and sorry to bother you..

    Well, I cleaned under the center console anyway.

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