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I'm raising this thread from the dead to let you guys know that the ads rdx-155-ef fm usb radio thingie has a $10 dollar rebate on it over at Circuitcity.com, thus bringing its price to *free* after rebate. The rebate ends 12/31/2010.

I'm thinking this is a good way to get a usb radio to play with. I do not know what support it has in the various front ends, etc. I cannot vouch for the quality of the radio either.

Do a search for item # A03-7110 at circuitcity.com
Just picked one up... not bad for "free"... well, $2 shipping. Haven't figured out the rebate crap, but bought it before 12/31, so I should be eligible.

Question - how do I display RDS info? I don't think the tuner it came with shows the artist/song.