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Thread: RR Embedded IGuidance causes RR to lose focus

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    RR Embedded IGuidance causes RR to lose focus

    I have a slight problem with IG3 in RR. Everytime I click on GPS IG opens and embeds into RR but when it is finished I am left with the taskbar showing on top of RR. I have been told this is machine specific. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you fix it? I have tried a few things and it still does it.

    Here is what I have:
    M10000 running XP pro
    RR 10/24/06 version
    IG 3.0 NA
    Digital Graphite and Alpine Red Skins (does it in both skins)

    I tried IGnative=true and false. No change.
    I turned of all the extra visual effects in Windows just to see. No change.

    To me it looks like when IG opens it cause RR to lose focus. Therefore casuing the taskbar to popup. I know RR is no longer in focus because my remote commands don't work until I click on the RR window.

    Any ideas? Is there something that needs to be changed in my skins? If so, that is uncharted territory for me. I have searched my *** off with no results.

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    there's a config option to hide the taskbar exactly to prevent this type of annoyance. If your remote only works when RR is on focus than you haven't setup girder propperly either.
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    DOH! I missed that. I'm blind. Tried it and works great. Thanks.

    I am not using Girder, using the keyspan ultility that came with the keyspan remote. Works fine now.

    Thanks for all you hard work on Roadrunner Guino. I need to donate one of these days.

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