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Thread: VB6 vs VB 2005 Express

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    Quote Originally Posted by guino View Post
    That SiriusComm was not an extension plugin it's just an example of DLL with a COM object used in VB6... so it won't work with X,...

    There's a sample extension plugin available in C# ... it would probably help to look at it (attached), but it's good to hear you got it going..
    Yes, the SiriusComm not worked with X,...

    The good news is my first VB .NET plugin works well. Here is the code SamplePlugin.rar

    1. Use 'sn.exe -k' to make a key file
    2. Choose the key file in project propeties - signature tab
    3. Open AssemblyInfo.vb, change the ComVisible to true
    <Assembly: ComVisible(True)>
    4. regasm /codebase /tlb SamplePlugin.dll
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    Cool man, thanks for sharing
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