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Thread: GPS Overlay onto video

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    Lightbulb GPS Overlay onto video


    what is the best way to output RR info such as gps speed and location (plus maybe time and date) out to a serial port?

    I am using a video recorder (yes a real one not a pc)
    A 12V one picked up off ebay for 10ukp and have the hardware to overlay text.

    My hardware uses a serial port for one way data to send text at any position using commands such as

    {A to clear the screen
    {Cxxyy to set the cursor position...... etc

    then you just send text as if using a terminal.

    before starting to write any software can you point me in the best direction. i know i can use a plugin to open the port but not sure how to send the data automaticly to be updated every x seconds.

    What do you (or anyone else) think?


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    The easiest thing would be to write a plugin or separate application that polls the information from RR and sends it to the serial port with the desired format. It's very easy to do that using the COM/ActiveX interface, but you'd have to handle the serial port on your own. There are sample projects with the sources of RR and there is also a FAQs on Interfacing with RR.
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    Thumbs up Thanks Guino


    I thought about coms with roadrunner before and glanced at the FAQ's and put it off.

    I have now sat down and read the FAQ's and readme and within 5 mins had a seperate application that read values from roadrunner.

    I think i was thinking it was going to be hard work but it was so simple.

    All I can say is Many Thanks (once again) for some excellent work Guino.

    Just need to write the whole app and will keep you posted.


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