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Thread: Getting the New DWW-750FM with FM Radio

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    Getting the New DWW-750FM with FM Radio

    Arman upsold me to the DWW-750M should be here on friday, says it comes with an FM Tuner. Didnt really care for it or the built in amp or tuner but im impatient (didnt have any DWW-700H at the time) hey maybe I can get rid of that head unit afterall..

    So my first question (after many hours of reading 51 page post daily for 5 months) Totally brainfried with information, updates, mods, hacks, and opinions.

    This unit comes with FM Radio. and im assuming that its basically the tuner on the unit itself for channel selection probably outputs RCA as a line output for the FM Radio (hopefully) OR it just sends it to the speakers. How does this or does this work with Road Runner? Like perhaps seeing channel names? Station ID's, Artist/Song info? Or am I waaaay off here?

    Should I use something else? Or make this tuner work?

    PS. Most big fm stations now send a type of "caller id" with info about the song, station, etc.

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    I'm sure it's just a basic tuner that will switch off the input from the computer (or whatever plugged on it), and send the FM audio to the speakers just like a normal headunit. So you should not expect any kind of interfacing or fancy RDS Text info from the radio, cause more than likely it won't have it. Having said that, the computer or whatever plugged into it will have no knowledge (or even care) what is going on with it.
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    I have one of these & am happy with it. Guino is right, you can't control the fm with the pc & you don't get any RDS info. However, you can use FM while using the PC. The quality of the amp and radio are surprisingly quite good. I did a mini review on it a while back. You can see it installed in my sig if interested.
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