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Thread: Road runner problems

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    Road runner problems

    I downloaded RR to my lap top to try out before buying my first carputer and im having some probs, first of all it wont play some song files stored in itunes, it will play mp3 allright but not AAC or wav, and it wont open any photos i have stored on my hard drive, i have a usb bluetooth dongle which i use to transfer stuff to my phone but RR wont do anything with the phone when connected, and finally i saw i post which said how to change the spinning honda logo to my lexus logo wich i followed but i couldent open any text file in the skins folder to edit it. I really need to get my laptop doing everthing i want the carputer to do before i fork out the money and cutting my dash, can anyone help! I would like RR to play all my music,look at photos,play dvd,take phone calls,display engine management info,sat nav, and maybe some graphics like a bar graphic equaliser is this to much to ask and is it very difficult to set up, any help lads,

    By the way has anyone put a touch screen into the dash of a 99 Lexus GS where the stereo sits its double din so shouldent be to hard but i want it to look factory fit. thanks lads.

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    This will definitely require you a lot of reading.. here are some tips:

    -Download a AAC plugin for winamp (you'd have to search or download the latest winamp version which already supports iTunes format
    -set your music file types in RRConfig to: .mp3,.aac,.wma,.mp4,.m4p
    -For Bluetooth Phone Support you need to download/install PhoneControl which is a separate software -- you should check compatibility listings before buying it.
    -Different skins have different features (like picture viewer and such), so you may want to try a few different skins on the forum.
    -To edit skin files all you need to do is open windows notepad and select the desired .skin file in the skin's folder -- they're all text files. There's also a skin editor software which you can use for that.
    -Sat Nav and Engine info (OBDII) will require extra software installed too.

    There are many Frequently Asked Questions on the FAQs subforums (where you originally posted this question). If you're willing to learn, there's plenty of people willing to help here, if you don't want/don't have the time or dedication to do it, then I'd honestly suggest looking for some pro help or getting some pre-setup system with everything you want.
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