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Thread: Weird volume problem - is it RR??

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    Weird volume problem - is it RR??

    I've had this problem for awhile and it really bugs me. Whenever I turn the computer on, whatever the volume is set at, it'd play. Fine, no problem.

    As soon as I touch the touchscreen to change the volume, it goes wacky and the volume is extremely low. When I try to turn the volume up, the trebble and bass gets turn up as well. Am I the only one experiencing this??

    I'm still in the testing phase, so no external audio card was used. The audio card is the one from my laptop which has been working fine.

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    I just messed around with RR (skin using at the moment is Freedom Drive) and here's what I've found

    the master up and down volume buttons do NOT actually control the master volume of the soundcard/computer. As I watch what it does in the mixer page, it raises its wave/sw synth/bass boost/ trebble boost/ cd player.

    Is there a setting where I can change the master volume up/down buttons in RR to change master volume of the computer ONLY??

    I'd like RR or Freedom Drive to disable adjusting the trebble/bass and other lines that I don't need as well. Is there a code or anything that I can try??

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    Change the "map master volume to" setting in RRConfig to MASTER.
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    appreciate the help
    works perfect as how I want it now, Thanks!!!

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