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Thread: Close menu once command is clicked?

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    Close menu once command is clicked?

    I have a menu that pops up and I use it for getting to apps I don't normally use but have embedded or are integrated, like video, launch, weather etc. using "menu;menu_more.SKIN",

    I want to know how to make the menu close after I select my action.

    Right now, when I click on a selection, it opens, but when I exit that screen, the menu is still there and I have to close it to do anything else.

    I tried running cancel in line with the command
    "MIXER","Mixer settings"||"CANCEL","cancel"
    but that only opened the mixer but did not close the menu.

    Thanks for any help on this.

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    use ESC instead of cancel and use it first. Since you are loading another screen when you click the button, the cancel or esc command will be sent to the screen and not the menu, so you have to close the menu first.

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    just put exit befor the command


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    ESC did the trick, you guys rock!


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