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Thread: Powermate problem

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    Powermate problem

    Hi im trying to get my powermate working with road runner, but having issues.
    Ive done as in this post How to use Girder with Road Runner but not sure what he did in the powermates setting box. I can change volume by pressing it down and turning, thats not a problem, but i think thats because thats what i have set in the global settings in the powermates setup.
    I cant seem to get any control in RR tho
    Oh and ive made sure its installed as a griffin rather than a HMI
    Any tips please?

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    he used girder to control his rr console. i dont have any girder experience, but i think that it would take place of the powermate configuration file... you have to decide what you want the powermate to do, then set it up in the file. start roadrunner, then go into the config for powermate. use the drop down menu at the top to pick road runer. then setup the keystrokes you want the powermate to simulate when operated. add those files to the general.ini in roadrunner (i think....) if your still having problems, post up whats going on. ill try to write up a more detailed walkthrough.
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    The problem is most likely because that file is pointing to RR.EXE and the new versions are named RoadRunner.exe -- you need to open Girder and edit EACH command by clicking on the TARGET button and changing it from rr.exe to roadrunner.exe. Then it should work.
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