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Thread: 2 or more clipping areas?

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    2 or more clipping areas?

    I need 2 or more clipping areas in my skin, i need something like this:

    Put one A01 (clipping area) is easy, but is posible put more than 1 clipping areas with diferents programs inside in the same skin file?

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    Only 1 app can be embedded an RR screen at any one time, unless you use an external ap like skin bedder.

    If you can get the apps to be in the right place in the background then you can have the above, just clip the areas, but RR will not have any control over them.

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    In my skin I have as many as 4 apps running and viewed at one time. - top, timer, IG and TV all at once

    Need to load skins to place apps where you want them then exit and show window.

    Load skin, exit, show window, load next skin, exit, show window, load next skin with clipped areas and so on
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    try using Skinbedder

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    yes, skinbedder could let you embed many applications as one in RR.
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