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Thread: RRunner/iGuidance cant find COM port?

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    RRunner/iGuidance cant find COM port?

    I have installed both iGuidance and Microsoft Mappoint. I setup the configuration to prompt a menu when selecting GPS. I set iGuidance up in the "external" field, and entered the COM port.

    Mappoint works fine. But iGuidance seems experience 2 issues. 1.) detecting the gps and 2.) "skinning"? the application. Below are details:

    1.)When I click EXTERNAL from the GPS menu, the software can not find the gps. It does not help if I click on tools-->gps-->com port. I have to quit roadrunner COMPLETELY in order for iGuidance to operate, then I can launch Roadrunner (iGuidance will be in the background). If I then open iGuidance from within RoadRunner, a new instance of iGuidance will open, but will have the said GPS error.

    2.) When launching iGuidance, a small window appears, almost too small to be functional. I can however resize this manually. I like the way RoadRunner opens MapPoint, and I'm wondering if it can open iGuidance in the same manner?

    Thanks for anyone's help with this!

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    In oder for you to run Road Runner and iGuidance you need a com port splitterlike XPort3. Mappoint is native in road runner and needs only one com port. when you run iGuidace and road runner you need 2 com ports for it to work.

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