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Thread: Ipod + Winamp Library + ml_ipod?

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    Ipod + Winamp Library + ml_ipod?

    I was actually just wondering about this myself... after watching my poor little SATA drive get corrupted for the 3rd time, I decided that maybe I'm a little tired of trying to put a non-mobile solution in my truck.

    I then looked over at my 60gb ipod and decided maybe it's time to bite the bullet on this one. The initial problem being that I really love the directory based hierarchy that I am used to in winamp, particular while driving; it is a lot easier to drill up and down than use an OSK to find a song/artist.

    Regardless, I began looking to see if there were any winamp plugins that allowed you to use the ipod database, and sure enough there's a good one out there: ml_ipod (

    ml_ipod just gives you another menu option in your Winamp Library that shows all of your ipod music and playlists. So this was a good first step for me, but it still wasn't a direct answer as using the library inside of RR hasn't jumped out as a viable solution to me yet.

    However, when I was perusing the rr.ini conf file last nite, I did see the "ipoddrive=". Is there some ipod integration that isn't documented or that I just haven't found to read yet? I have been slacking on checking the forums lately, and even so with 30page threads, it is quite difficult to find the new infos

    Barring good ipod integration (I envision something beautiful that parses the ipod database and creates a fake directory structure that can be viewed just like we do with our hard drives currently), does anyone have any suggestions on good methods of integrating the Winamp Library? I did see one thread regarding skinning it, and I might go that route myself, I would just like to verify that this is the best direction for me to work towards.

    FWIW, I am running the latest beta roadrunner.exe (Nov 12, 06) with Proximo's beautiful 800x600 CFX skin, and Winamp 2.x. While I am not 100% opposed to using a different skin, my main reasoning for using cfx (aside from its perty-ness) is that it is 800x600 and supports Sirius radio (most of you old timers are already inngratiated with xm ).


    EDIT - Ok, I suck. After getting to page 2 or 3 of my "ipod" search I finally got to guino's great release notes from back in like August detailing how the ipod support currently works. (RR 08-30-05 ... Ipod Support & Fixes ...). Told you it'd been a while for me and the forums!

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    In case anyone else is browsing past and wonders the same thing I did, allow me to spell it out.

    Ipod support is already built into RoadRunner. To use it, simply follow these steps:
    • Edit your RR.ini and set ipoddrive=D (or, E, F, or whatever drive letter windows assigns your ipod in explorer). just the letter tho, not a path.
    • Open up RR as you normally would, go into your Music section, and click Album. Ta-da, you have ipod.

    Thank you and good night. (i love you guino)

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