ok any help would be apreciated..
I am trying to pull info using autoit (again I know) from Freedrive..
i am trying to pull "FDROAD" or "customFDROAD".
I have not found a way to pull it from FD.. so I am guessing since FD is sending this to RR (FDROAD=ROADRUNNER in freedrived sdk.ini) i can pull it from RR's SDK
well the code i am using to pull things from RR is

$rr = ObjCreate("RoadRunner.SDK")
$MY = $rr.GetInfo("gpslat||gpslon")

if I put
$MY = rr.GetInfo("fdroad")
$MY = rr.GetInfo("customfdroad")

I get nothing..
any ideas why..

by the way i tried to use the writetofile command of RR to write customfdroad or fdroad... but again nothing is written