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Thread: FreeFone 1.3 Full integration with Roadrunner

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    getting back to my nokia 9300i, connecting the phone via bluetooth is flawless so far. bluetooth uses the DUN connection with the phone. dialling manually and receiving phone calls work. BUT freefone cant or does not load the phone and sim contacts, dialled, received, missed calls dont work either. anybody experience this? thanks
    Same here with my Nokia 7600. Hopefully my K550i will be better if amazon get round to posting it this year...
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    using own vw gypsy clone
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    Sooooo anyone tried an iPhone yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeep642 View Post
    John, if I read this well, you're saying that you have a BT connection from your V3 to the PC to get the caller ID on the screen and a handfree for sound and mic.

    I guess the handfree is actually plugged in the phone 'cos if it's BT then that makes it 2 BT connection wich (from what I know) is impossible...right?!?!?

    Is it a practical set up to use in a car?

    BTW, what kind of handfree do you use with your V3?
    Sorry for the lengthy delay in responding, been a bit crazy here.

    I am using a Parrot device similar to this one. Unfortunately I got mine a few years ago, and mine does not have an LCD screen. It is just the green/red answer/hangup buttons. To place a call I can tap the green button, and speak the name and it will dial and conenct ect.

    My intent is to use the Parrot for voice(Blue Tooth) and just plug the USB in from the PC to pop up incoming calls on the screen. It's not the perfect solution, having to plug the phone in, but its the same as plugging in your phone to the car charger, and the USB on the Razr does charge the phone as ya know, so its not that bad of a trade off.
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    Freefone 1.5 Will be released in a week or so and will support audio gateway if your using the widcomm bluetooth stack :-)


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    Great news ! With widcomm you also mean the broadcomm-driver as the new ones are called, or really just the older widcomm-drivers (up to version 4 if I remember correctly) ? I guess also Broadcom, but I want to be sure, now that I have my CarPC on my desk for a fresh reinstall .
    Will the audio gateway also work with Widcomm version 4 drivers ? Because that's what came with my BT-dongle.

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    WOW great news CDR. many thanks

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    any ideas on the following?

    why is the site down??

    and is version 1.5 out yet because getting excited about this audio gateway addition.

    And just a big thumbs up about freefone. Once it has sms messages it will be better than phoco and free.

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    I tried the link in the post above and get a "Database Error".

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    Quote Originally Posted by DM2 View Post
    For some reason I still can't get a connection.

    I've got a Cingular 8125 (GSM) phone. When I connect to my PC, via BT, and plug a mic in, I can recieve phone calls and talk to others via the mic, without FreeFone running. I'm guessing this is because of the BT "Voice Gateway".

    I've checked the BT COM port and it's set to COM 9 on the PC. I've looked at the Hardward settings for COM 9 but there aren't any Baud rate setting for this port on the PC. Is this set to "Autodetect" for the baud rate?

    Currently when ever I try to launch FreeFone, I get the message "Trying to connect, please wait"

    I've got the following settings in the "SETTINGS.INI" file:



    Phonemode=2 (should this be set to 1? wouldn't flow control be software based and not hardware since there isn't a physical connection for DTR or RTS?)

    You need a phoco adapter to work go to to buy phonecontrol and you will get a phocoadapter install to make a virtual com port for your phone then freefone can communicate with your phone.

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