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Thread: FreeFone 1.3 Full integration with Roadrunner

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    treo 750 working!

    treo 750 working great, but with zorro's phone control cab. wm5 / wm6...

    btw i was a customer so no issue there.

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    Is there a manual for this software somewhere cuz I'm having a really hard time using it with Nokia N95. I am able to make call and receive calls but it does not show the signal strength, battery remaining or the phone book.


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    CDRSkull, as always fantastic software. I installed it last night on the workbench since I took the carPC out for some much needed reformatting and reinstalling. worked perfectly with my Sony Ericcson S710A. Phonebook read, dialed outgoing, haven't tested incoming, that will be tonight. Now I have to go find a handsfree bluetooth kit for the truck.
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    ok I have a few questions and I'm not sure how to do this ??

    I have a nokia 2366i phone that will connect with my girlfriends tomtom no problem. See's phone book and everything.

    I'm running widcomm drivers and have everything set up. I can connect the phone to the audio gateway, but no comports ?? Do I need to be connected to the audio gateway then run FF ? I try connecting with comport (4) and it won't connect. Regardless if I'm connected to the audio gateway or not. I've tried other comports and get no responses. I know this phone will work, cuz it works on the tomtom no problem. I'm just not sure how to go about getting it to work on the computer ??

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    Unhappy Dual Sim

    Hi there,

    A question i have for u, is here somebody with a dual sim phone?
    I have one and the Freefone is acting strange
    If somebody can help me, i can give logs or everything that will help to make my phone working.

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    CdR been using freefone with your FU skin, and its awesome, credit to your work and skills. It connects to my LG KG800 fine and i can make and receive calls, but like most ppl, my phone doesnt support multiple BT connections so the audio gateway stays dormant. so its either one or the other.

    I've been thinking bout how to overcome the 1 BT connection phones, i know you have 20 things ur developing at once and dont know if your in the process of or thought any more about it. if its possible to for it to continue to function the way it does, connecting to the phone on start up. once the number has been punched in and the dial button has been pressed, to disconnect from the serial port, and conenct to audio gateway using AT+CKPD=200 command.
    The only thing i can think of thats a problem, is that will then render the PC useless until the phone is manually hungup. and then it has to somehow close the audio gateway, and reconnecting to the serial port on the phone again. maybe possible to reset all BT connections then reconnect to the phone again ready for the next call.

    i know that all phones are different and some take more time to dc and connect to services, but i think this could work.

    hope that makes some sense. let me know if i can help out at all

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    would love to know if this works with blackberry pearl?

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    I can connect to my phone in FreeFone using the DUN port but It doesn't load my phone book, missed calls, dialed calls, ..etc, nothing.

    It doesn't show me the incoming call screen if the phone is ringing and nothing appears to happen when I dial out in the software. Attached is my debug.

    I have a Motorolla Q running Windows Mobile 5.0.
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    how do I set my razor to work through bluetooth dongle on my car pc for this "freefone" in road runner?"

    what do i set the "paths" to in RRconfig. or do i not need it for bluetooth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maņana View Post
    Sweet =)
    Using it with my K800i, works wonders! =D


    how did you set it up to worth with your bluetooth phone?

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