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Thread: FreeFone 1.3 Full integration with Roadrunner

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    Got it to work with Motorola L6. Dont know how to make it use car speakers and a mic instead of the headset. I know it was possible with

    Anyone got speakers and mic work with Freefone?
    Thanks in advance
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    Dracov, what are your settings? i have a belkin F8T012 with my L6 and when i pair them i only see audio gateway. there are no serial port.
    if i use it with an epox BT-DG06 i can see serial port.
    With the epox and freefone i can make a call and end a call but i can't hear the voice

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    I'm hoping i can trouble you for a little help with freefone. I have downloaded it and am trying to use it as a standalone application first, then use the RR integration. It connects and reads my contacts on my phone, I can dial out, but i hear no sound from my speakers, instead it rings on the actual phone. I have a Nokia 8800 Sirocco and am using a Belkin usb bluetooth dongle (part # F8T013uk1). I have found that if i go to my bluetooth places and manually connect the audio gateway then i have use of the comp's mic and speakers. is there anyway of doing this automatically?

    Also i cant receive calls when i connect the audio gateway manually. As soon as a call comes in it is immediately cut off. On the caller end it rings for about half a second, if that, then jus goes to 3 beeps as if you've lost connection. Without the audio gateway connected my phone rings as normal and the freefone screen flashes to alert me of an incoming call.

    I have attached 2 debug reports. debug1 is whilst receiving a call WITHOUT the audio gateway connected manually. debug2 is whilst receiving a call WITH the audio gateway connected manually.

    I figure if i cant get it to run properly as a standalone app then its not gonna work in RR.

    any help would certainly be appreciated.


    Amit K
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    Quote Originally Posted by meisner View Post
    If the Razr only supports one at a time, is it not possible to open a connection to dial the number, then close that one and open another for voice? Maybe the other features (like battery life) won't be available during a call, but it'd be something to work with.

    I am guessing the OEM system in the Lexus does something like this.
    To be honest...I'm not sure how the Lexus system works. It is very impressive. You hit a button to make a call and it asks you for the person's name. You say the name and it makes the call. It works amazingly well. My father-in-law is a native Korean and has a very thick accent when speaking English. It is still able to recognize his commands and dial the right person. Impressive.

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    whats the likelihood in getting some sort of sms or msg retrieval system within this software because the way it works, the sizer of it and the setup is fantastic!

    Lovely kit!

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    I can get my samsung phone to connect via com5 and phone setting 3 but when I attempt to dial a number my phone goes to a modem setting and not a normal call, any thought?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGD View Post
    It works great with my V3. The only drawback is you need the USB Cable for the control over the Phone and a Bluetooth dongle for the audio gateway. The V3 only supports ONE Bluetooth connection at the time.
    Would be great if the app would be skinnable so it has the same look as someones skin.
    so what all can you do with your v3 now? can you do everything with the bt dongle and the usb cable? i remember on some website, theres a driver to use one of those cheap 5-pin camera cables as an alternative for connecting your phone to the computer. i had it working great, it was a 2nd charger. if all i have to do is buy a usb cable to fully integrate it into this software, then i'm all in!

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    Hi all!
    I just wanted to see if anyone else was having trouble using a SE k750i with a BT headset and freefone...
    I think the phone supports more then 1 bt channel but I'm having some serious issues with it! at the moment it doesn't matter, I'm using the USB cabel so I can get my phone loaded in the car but would be nice sometimes to go all wirelss!
    Swedish site for CarPC's

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    Ive tried to find the answer but having some trouble. Does FreeFone support CDMA phones like the EnV from Verizon. Or even Phoco for that matter. I am just having a hard time getting it to talk to any of them. -Thanks MG

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    i'm having trouble getting freefone to work in rr. i can get the standalone program to work fine (well as much as i can do with my razr v3). i placed the and in the bmv2 skin folder. when i try and get it to work in rr, it tries to load internet explorer for some reason. i edited the to the correct sequence. when i click on the phone (in bmv2) without the edited, it goes to the skin with phoco i believe, but after i changed it, it freezes up now and i have to exit out of rr. maybe i have a file placed in the wrong place, but any ideas?

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