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Thread: Sending in-call tones with RR & Phoco

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    Sending in-call tones with RR & Phoco

    I'm working to get my phoco installation working - I'm mostly there, but I can't get phoco to send any tones while a call is in progress.

    I'm using the BMW E36 skin - during a call I get the call_out skin showing (which has a number pad), but it doesn't send tones to the phone when I press any button.

    Is this a limitation of my phone - or have I missed something in the configuration?



    PS - I can't get phoco to read any more than the default number from my phonebook (Nokia 6233) - but I understand that this is a limitation of Nokia phones, not a phoco problem.

    RR 10/8/06
    Phoco 1.7.6
    Widcomm 5.1.2800
    Using Phoco to control over serial link, but not using CarPC as headset.

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    I think Robby added some special commands for doing that, I'm not sure if they're the same existing commands or if they're different ones..
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    Try with PhoCo stand alone, if therefore it doesn't work, it could be a limitation of your phone.
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    It doesn't seem to be possible to do this within Phoco stand alone, least with the built-in skins I tried - the outgoing call screens don't have a number keypad.

    I guess this is something else I will have to learn to live without with my Nokia (no phone book, no SMS.....)


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